Penn Ohio Youth Rodeo Association

youth rodeo

Center Cross W Arena

69 McCartney Road

Fredonia, PA 16124

Bill and Wanda Welton       724-475-3757

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                                                2019  Rodeo Dates 

                                                             May  25   

                                         June 8        June   22

                                         July   6       July  20              

                                        Aug. 3         Aug.  17

                                    Finals :        Sept.  7 & 8 

Please note that call-ins are the Monday before each rodeo from 

                                           7 am - 9 pm only. 

    You must call-in if you wish to compete in ANY event.  

     Remember :  next rodeo is Aug. 17 with call-ins on August 12

     Sorry for any inconvenience to anyone who was signed up for the last rodeo ~ July 20.  We had a storm Friday evening,  trees down, electric was out and parking areas were extremely wet.   Since we started the youth rodeo in 2004,  we have had 139 rodeos.  This was the first time we ever had to cancel !   We tried to reach everyone before they left Sat morning.   See you next rodeo on August 3.

       If you have any questions at all~ please don't hesitate to give us a call  anytime.   724-475-3757 .  

 Please remember when we do the final figuring on points~ we will go directly from the original time sheets.  We have had to move several contestants up to other classes and while I think I got it all right, I may have missed something,  so we always use the originals when figuring the placings.



69 McCartney Road Fredonia, PA 16124